Refund Policy

Thank you for choosing Stayon Holidays as your preferred Holiday rental needs.If unfortunately we don’t meet up your expectations then please don’t worry we are here to help you the best possible way.Generally, no refunds are available unless a member qualifies for a refund under any guarantee or program that we may have in effect. If you believe you qualify for a refund under a guarantee that we are offering, you may contact our customer support by sending your request to including your listing number, and your reason for dissatisfaction.

We will then determine, in accordance with the applicable guarantee and will let you know within 72 working hours of receiving your mail.Refund requests for Subscriptions Not Completed: In the event you purchase a subscription for publishing your properties but you do not complete the subscriptions or even after completing your subscriptions,your properties don not get posted for any reason, refund requests will be considered only during the first three (3) months following the subscription date. We don’t issue any refund in the event your property getting removed due to any false, improper or misleading information being provided for listing your properties. If you renew your subscription after 12 months, your listing will remain online for a period extended by another 12 months from the date of renewal. If you just want to delete or cancel your subscription, you can simply write us on and we will remove your request with 24 hours of receiving your email for the same.Hope we serve you the best!